Success Stories

Thank you very much to both of you for all your services. At all times, you conducted yourselves as true professionals and always demonstrated a caring and genuine concern for the health of all your patients. During the treatment you accompanied the adjustments with your best professional advice demonstrating a profound knowledge of your field of expertise and real concern. Very helpful. The improvement in my overall health was noticeable only after six sessions and now I can bend over and turn in any direction without feeling any pressure in my neck and lower back. The constant burning and unpleasant sensation in both places, especially in the mornings, has disappeared. I sleep better. I cannot thank you enough for those results. Equally important was the degree of professionalism displayed by your staff (Betty, Jessica and Melissa) showing at all time real concern for the patient's well being; their dedication, caring attitude, and devotion to their duties made all my visits highly pleasant. Rest assure that I will be favorably inclined to recommend your services to family and friends when occasion arises.

 - Hector E.

About a year ago I gave myself a pretty good weight lifting related back injury. The end result was my left leg would go slightly numb, I couldn't tie my shoes, and it was all sorts of troubling. I was treated by a doctor in Dallas and it took nearly 6 months to get back to normal but after that it was fine and cleared to go back to the gym.

And sure enough 2 weeks ago I did the same. But much worse. My entire lower back locked up, I could barely get into the car, and I spent most of my time like an uncomfortable Ron Swanson. I went to Scott Cohen, saw him every day for 5 days, and by the end of the week it was like nothing ever happened.

I now go there twice a week, I'm in and out in less than 10 minutes, and I can't recommend them enough.

- Jeff M.

This is a wonderful place to get treatment. You get more than treatment, both doctors (father and son)are so so thorough and communicative. Their consultations for me have turned into a wealth of knowledge....they focus on health and wellness vs. medication. I feel I'm seen as a human being, not a number. The office is very pleasant and so are the assistants.

- Savina C.

Dr. Eric Cohen takes you and your case very seriously. He will guide you to better health through Chiropractic care and common sense modifications to your life. How to sit, sleep, eat your way to better health. I highly recommend him and his son, Dr. Scott Cohen who has treated me as well. I avoided major back surgery because of their advice.

- Mark R.

These doctors take the time to find the cause of your pain and then they focus on healing you. Any chiropractor can just adjust you and send you on your way, but these guys get to the root of the problem. Generations of perfection under one roof, go see the Cohens!

- Levi M.